Enjoy the Kehr Beer garden in Göttingen in the nature protected recreation area in the forest

We stand with Ukraine!

We condemn the unprovoked and unjustified war by Putin and the war crimes it has brought upon Ukraine in the strictest possible way. The Ukrainian people have our solidarity and compassion at this difficult time.

Two of our friends and regulars drove for the second time to the Ukrainian-Polish border Hrebenne to provide support, as well as a safe passage to Germany in a rented minibus. A transparent travel report regarding the Endorsement is provided here.

The beer garden

Enjoy the silence of nature and treat yourself to a refreshment in the beer garden at the Kehr

The beer garden at the Kehr in Göttingen is located at the edge of the nature reserve in the Göttingen city forest, in the immediate vicinity of the Kerstlingeröder field and the Bismarck tower. Here you can see many protected species of the native flora and fauna. We ask you to be considerate of nature. The spacious game enclosures at the Kehr for our local boar and fallow deer can be explored right next door with well-maintained trails.

With more than 300 seats, a freshly tapped beer, a pretzel or a bockwurst, you can relax and enjoy nature and have a sociable day. The Göttingen city forest also invites you to go hiking, biking and jogging.

On every Sunday and holiday we fire up the grill. On these days we are pleased to offer you bratwurst, krakauer and wild boar bratwurst.

Frischlinge Winter Damwild Winter Spielplatz Herbst Damwild Albino Biergarten Schild Widschwein

Directions & opening hours

Borheckstraße 66, 37085 Göttingen, Germany

April till October

Wednesday to Friday
15:00 - 19:30
Saturday to Sunday
11:00 - 19:30
Monday - Tuesday

November till March

Monday to Friday
Saturday to Sunday
11:00 - dusk

We are opened on every Sunday and every holiday from 11 am. We are closed on the 24. to 25.12, as well as the 1.1.

Drinks and snacks

Cold drinks 0,3l 0,5l
Water 1,90 2,90
Apple juice 2,60 3,80
Orange juice 2,60 3,80
Cherry nectar 2,60 3,80
Banana nectar 2,60 3,80
Grapefruit juice 2,60 3,80
Passion fruit nectar 2,60 3,80
Rhubarb nectar 2,60 3,80
as spritzers 2,60 3,80
Afri Cola 1,3,9 2,60 3,80
- without sugar 1,3,9,11,12 2,60 3,80
Bluna Orange 2,60 3,80
Bluna Lemon 2,60 3,80
Almdudler 2,50
Orangina 2,60
Warm drinks
Coffee 2,20
Black tea
Green tea
Asia superior
Peppermint tea 2,20
On tap 0,3l 0,5l
Göttinger Premium 2,60 3,80
- with lemonade 2,60 3,80
Erdinger wheat beer 2,60 3,80
Bottled beer 0,5l
- Stiftung Helles 3,80
- Crystal wheat beer 3,80
- Dark wheat beer 3,80
- Alcohol-free 3,80
Einbecker alcohol-free 2,60
Carlas Craft IPA 3,50
Carlas Craft Pale Ale 3,50
Berliner Weiße1
- red or green 2,90
Wine 0,2l
Red wine - Merlot5
Veneto, Italien
White wine - Silvaner5
Höfling, Franken
Wine spritzer5 3,20
As a nightcap 2cl
Jägermeister5 2,50
Butter pretzel* 2,00
Sausage with bread* 2,50
Only on Sundays and holidays
Thuringian bratwurst* 3,00
Krakauer* 3,50
100% wild boar bratwurst* 4,00
each with bread
All prices in €
with colorants
with preservatives
contains sulfites
contains caffeine
with sweetener
contains a source of phenylanaline
* Additives and allergens can be viewed at the counter